Gone are the days where us girls have only two styles of bikini bottoms to choose from. Taking a nod from the sexy stylings of men’s euro bottoms and fun and comfy lingerie, boyshort bikini bottoms are here to stay! Boyshort bikini bottoms offer maximum coverage in a variety of styles. Making it easy to look incredible, and still be up for anything- without fear of losing your bikini bottoms. Boyshort
bikini bottoms are great for anyone who is looking for a fresh take on a fuller coverage bottom.

Who Should Wear Boyshort Bikini Bottoms

Whether you’re looking to hide a bum you’re less than happy with or need a sportier coverage, boyshort bikini bottoms are great for anyone who doesn’t want to let it all hang out, especially if you’re hanging ten. Boyshort bikini bottoms can also be used as a layering style if you like a skimpy bottom for sunning, but need something more substantial for fun. Adding a coordinating and lowly boyshort bottom can let you easily transition between the two without having to waste time
and energy on a full clothing change.

Boyshort Bikini Bottom Styles

Boyshort bikini bottoms can range anywhere from full coverage and flowy, to cheeky and showy. The full coverage boyshort bikini bottom looks more similar to boxers, with a breezy fit and wider leg. For a slim fit, the smaller boyshort bikini bottom looks similar to the women’s panties that share its name. Gracefully hugging your curves while still showing a bit of cheek. These styles work well, especially when paired with a sporty cut bikini top- like a bandeau or
balconette. For even more coverage, boyshort bikini bottoms can be used with tankini style tops, or full ruffled crop tops to give you free motion and secure fit, without feeling self- conscious about how much skin you’ve got showing.

Where to Wear Your Boyshort Bikini Bottoms

The boyshort bikini bottom can be worn just about anywhere, especially if you’re looking at going for a fuller coverage and flowy fit boyshort bottom. These bottoms can slide over any other type of bikini bottom effortlessly and comfortably. With the loose fit, you won’t feel stuffy or confined under layer upon layers of clothing. Snug fit boyshort bikini bottoms are the perfect accompaniment to a summer dress, giving you full coverage and never having to worry about slip-ups or the breeze running away with your outfit. Pair these bottoms with a loose fitting, oversized t-shirt for that romantic beach looks any time.

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