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Halter top bikinis are known for their moderate coverage and iconic design. Characterized by two, often molded, triangular cups that support straps fix behind the neck, the halter top bikini is one of the most common styles to see in the water and waves. And for good reason. Because of the molded design and moderate coverage, halter top bikinis provide a decent amount of support, letting you get in those laps while still looking incredible in between. The design allows for moderate activity levels while still showing off sexy lines and a decent amount of cleavage.

Who Should Wear a Halter Top Bikini

Halter top bikinis are perfect for a small chested lady. Comfortable without underwire, the cut of the top is designed to help enhance the look of your chest, providing a more natural shape, without lifting, squishing, or pinching. Halter top bikinis can also add shape to larger breasts without making them awkwardly apparent. With behind the neck closure, halter tops are less likely to slip off or expose precious parts. The design moves with you without cramping your style, looking just as gorgeous laying down poolside as running along the beach. These tops can be paired with a variety of bottoms to create near-infinite styles.

Halter Top Bikini Styles

Styles of halter top bikinis have an exceptionally wide range. Most offer a plunging neckline that breaks just between the molded cups, giving the illusion of a triangle bikini top, but with a more stable structure. Criss Cross back details, ruffles, wide bands, and glittering details are all available with halter tops. Upping the feminine vibes of a suit that was meant to wear durably. Many halter top bikinis offer removable padding, so you can better choose the degree of coverage to suit whatever situation you’re in.

Where to Wear Your Halter Top Bikini

Halter top bikinis fit the resort lifestyle incredibly well, but you wouldn’t be shocked to see them at local pools or rivers. They’re also always beach-ready. With trendy designs and colors, they’re beautifully paired with shawls and kimonos, cover-ups and sundresses. tie-neck halter tops offer that fun and cheeky look under a t-shirt, showing everyone that you’re always primed and ready for some surf. So, of course, you’re going to wear your halter top bikini to the pool- but don't discount all of the other incredible places that you can
show off your style while enjoying your environment.

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