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Popularized in the workout wear of the 1980s, high leg bikini bottoms are making a big comeback in modern beach fashion. While this style definitely had its time in the sun, it’s returned to become a fan favorite of actresses, models, and high-end beachwear slaves from around the world. Check out any world-renown resort and you’re sure to see many high leg bikini bottoms gracing the best bums in the room. What makes this style so enduring and popular are the lines that it creates on anybody that wears it. Minimal coverage definitely takes some courage, but you’ll certainly find your inner goddess if you give this latest trend a try.

Who Should Wear a High Leg Bikini Bottom

High leg bikini bottoms are fantastic for short-legged ladies. Because the cut of the high leg bikini bottom rises well above the hip, it gives the illusion of long and luxurious legs, whether you have them or not. This style can also help to visually lengthen a torso, becoming a short girl’s best friend. For full-figured women, high leg bikini bottoms can do wonders for creating a svelte silhouette and come hither lines. High leg bikini bottoms in a high waist cut can help smooth over awkward love handle lines and keep you looking fresh. Make those long legs look even
longer! And become the envy of the pool.

High Leg Bikini Bottom Styles

High leg bikini styles vary greatly, as these cuts can be paired with a number of different bum lines and bikini tops. Pair a high leg bikini bottom with a Brazilian cut to add thrill into your beach look. Channel your inner Baywatch babe by snagging a high leg bikini bottom brief in flashy solid red. Tantalize the eyes by using a bright and wild print. Choosing a high leg bikini bottom with a push-up balconette top is sure to make your whole look pop this summer. High leg bikini
bottoms can come with high waist styles or thick waistbands to really help emphasize the waist.

Where to Wear Your High Leg Bikini Bottom

High leg bikini bottoms are an excellent example of how to pair sexy with simplicity. These bottoms can be worn for just about any activity, especially when paired with a fuller bottom coverage cut- like a brief. The higher waist makes them a super cute addition to a maxi skirt in a coordinating color. Say goodbye to whale tail and hello to waistband wonder. High leg bikini bottoms are great at keeping their shape and staying put, which means they transition easily from the beach to a night out. Wear them over a pair of tights or leggings to really bring back that Jane Fonda feel.

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