Padded Bikini

Padded bikini tops come in all shapes and styles. Whether your go-to is a fun and flirty halter, or a more extremely feminine balconette, padded bikini tops can help boost your confidence and your bust. Padded bikini tops also serve to offset the line of your waist, giving you all the curves you want, with none of those pesky lines. Padded bikini tops are part of clever design that helps give you more shape, even when wet. Some padded bikini top inserts can be removed for ease of cleaning and individualized comfort. Giving you the option to enhance your curves and improve support, or go for a more carefree style.

Who Should Wear a Padded Bikini Top

Padded bikini tops aren’t just about pumping up your cleavage. They are also ideal for helping to add another layer of fabric to sheer designs or light colored fabric. Making that white bikini feel a little less teeny weeny. They’re also great for some added protection against obvious nipage in colder climates.
Padded bikinis can help give shape and structure to a full bustline. Keeping your silhouette as youthful and perky as your personality. Padded bikini tops can also help fill out smaller frames, giving you lift and support. Making any natural bust look poised to perfection. No matter your age or size.

Padded Bikini Top Styles

Padded bikini tops come in all types, from molded triangle cups to extra push in a bandeau. With padded bikinis, you can enjoy extra support and structure without looking fake or constantly needing to adjust your top. Padded tops are designed to hold their shape no matter what activity you find yourself enjoying. They can offer comfort and protection against rough materials and fabrics. Keeping your
triangle bikini firmly in place, even when you’re getting rough and ready in the waves. Many bikini tops come with padded inserts for a reason- we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your style, without having to deal with the many wardrobe malfunctions that can happen with a poorly fitting bikini.

Where to Wear Your Padded Bikini

Top Padded bikini tops are perfectly suited for just about any situation. As they can enhance the shape of just about any suit, padded bikini tops go with you wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. For small chested girls, padded bikini tops with a bandeau style are perfect for the beach and for going out. Giving you the ability to feel secure in less restrictive fabrics. For full-figured gals, padded bikini tops offer soft comfort and shape, without putting unnecessary pressure on your neck and back. Padded tops for large chested ladies look spectacular when combines with halters, or for a romantic and glamorous twist- pop in some
padded inserts into your Bardot!

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