The scrunch bikini bottom is designed with your bum in mind! These bottoms were huge in the Latin American scene before they exploded onto beaches and poolsides all over the world! Scrunch bikini bottoms are a cute and unexpected way to draw the eye while keeping you well covered.

These bikini bottoms are sure to perk up the pout of any booty that is placed in them. Scrunch bikini bottoms work by placing special seams or elastic strips down the centerline of a bikini bottom backside. Giving it a fun “scrunched” look.

Who Should Wear the Scrunch Bikini Bottom

Scrunch bikini bottoms are spectacular for anyone who wants to amp up the look of their buns, without having to do hundreds of squats. These bottoms create a fun rounded shaped tush, by pulling the fabric into the midline of the seat. Perfect for bigger booty ladies and near no butt beauties. Because of the sumptuous round shape that they offer each cheek, these bottoms are an excellent choice for any gal that is happy to wear a low slung bikini bottom. Because of the gather in the back, scrunch bikini bottoms often take a little getting used to. Don’t worry if
you feel the need to constantly adjust, once you get used to how a pair of scrunch bikini bottoms feel, you’ll never look at another style again.

Scrunch Bikini Bottom Styles

Scrunch bottoms work best in regular and low rise fitting bikinis. No manufacturer in their right mind would marry this cheeky little endeavor with a high waist. That being said- scrunch bikini bottoms look their best when paired with medium to minimal booty coverage. Meaning that this shape lends itself well to Brazilian and thong style bottoms. However, if you’re a bit shy, you can definitely find brief and tanga bottoms with the scrunch effect as well.

These bottoms also come with all the adornments that your average bottoms will see, like tie sides, charms, and bling. Where to Wear Your Scrunch Bikini Bottom Scrunch bikini bottoms were meant to be shown off! Whether that’s getting involved in some light-hearted beach sports of just enjoying yourself in the sun. Scrunch bikini bottoms can indeed look cute under skirts, shorts, and dresses, but with a made for viewing style, you wont want to cover up those cheeks!

Scrunch bottoms can also help to keep the excess bikini bottom material out of the way of your all-over glow routine. Snag a pair of tie-side Brazilian scrunch bottoms and soak up the sun as you see fit! These bottoms are definitely the star of the show, so they are easily and impressively paired with less than impressive bikini tops to create an unforgettable look.

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