Never feel uncomfortable about a thigh gap again! Skirted bikini bottoms are here to save the day!  Whether you’re looking for something that offers a bit of modesty, or just want that fun and extra girly touch, skirted bikini bottoms come in a number of different styles to fit your mood and your style. Skirted bikini bottoms have been around for just as long as bikini bottoms themselves, with each decade offering a fun and fresh twist on the design. Helping skirted bikini bottoms to grace the fashion-forward as a timeless piece in your swimwear wardrobe.

Who Should Wear the Skirted Bikini Bottom

Anyone and everyone! Yes, we are here to say that skirted bikini bottoms are built for anyone who loves having fun in the sun! The wide array of available styles, as well as a number of different accessories and adornments, make skirted bikinis perfect for any body type and every fashion fiend. Any figured women can feel more comfortable with a modest full coverage skirt, or fun and fanciful with a pompom mini. There is no limit to skirted styles. Some skirted bikini bottoms
give you the option to cover up when you feel like it and shed that extra material when you’re ready to dare to be bare.

Skirted Bikini Bottom Styles

The massive range of styles of skirted bikini bottoms are just one of the reasons that these bottoms were indeed designed with every girl in mind. Skirted high waist bottoms give the classic bombshell look of a pinup princess. Some skirted bikini bottoms are designed so that you can pull the skirt down when you’re feeling demure and adjust it up into a waistband if you are feeling brazen and bold. Full skirted bottom separates offer an additional piece of clothing to your swimwear locker and give you the power to choose your level of exposure, easily covering up anytime you’d like. Mega minis do fairly little to add coverage but look super cute when paired with a Brazilian or thong style booty cut.

Where to Wear Your Skirted Bikini Bottom

Where you choose to wear your skirted bikini bottom will depend heavily on the style of the bottom itself. Most skirted bikini bottoms are well suited to a vigorous activity or lounging near the ocean. They are a fun and flirty addition to any poolside party. Should you get a skirted separate, or more versatile skirted bikini bottom, you won’t be remiss to walk the beachside or hit up the night clubs.
Fun mega mini-skirted bikini are definitely best seen in their native environments near the water, as they don’t pair well with trousers. Whatever style you find yourself in, skirted bikini

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