String Bikini

Slamming into fashion in the 1970s, the string bikini bottom became an icon in the swimwear scene and held one tightly. String bikini bottoms are a way for anyone to feel a bit daring without having to sacrifice coverage. Variations on this classic design have brought innovation to all sorts of swimwear styles.

When you say “string bikini bottom” most minds instantly think of the standard tie side style, but string bikini bottoms encompass far more than just those booty side bows. String bikinis can be worn without a care in a number of settings and nicely compliment many body types.

Who Should Wear a String Bikini Bottom

Contrary to popular belief, string bikini bottoms can be worn by just about anyone. Even plus size ladies can enjoy these bare all styles without feeling awkward or self-conscious. This is because string bikini bottoms can be paired with full bottom brief bikinis or even high waisted bottoms. Whatever bottom cut you like most, snagging a string style side is sure to spice up your look. String bikini bottoms tend to look their best when worn with a similar style top. Keeping you happy and strappy.

String Bikini Bottom Styles

String bikini bottoms can fully encircle the hip, or tie at the sides. As long as you’re seeing straps around the hip line- you’ve got yourself a string bikini bottom. Newer styles tend to stick to the luxurious look and feel of full circle straps, specifically when paired with the monokini look. String bikini bottoms don’t have to be made from just fabric. Rings, clasps, bling, and trinkets can also be integrated into the scanty sides of string bikini bottoms. Creating little to no
break in the lovely line from your nose to your toes.

Where to Wear Your String Bikini

Thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian, string bikini bottoms are being seen everywhere. From surfing to skating, to even sunbathing- string bikini bottoms are made to be seen. Pair with a cute crop top or slouchy sweater for a natural look. Hike up those tie sides and let them ride just above the line of low rise shorts for that easy ‘90s girl look. String bikinis can definitely get displaced with excessive activity, but getting the right fit means that you should be relatively free from any fashion faux pas. Toss on a pair of board shorts or a cute skirt to easily jump from beach to boat and back again.

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PRODUCT DETAILS This stylish triangle bikini is designed with color contrasting embroidered detail. It features an adjustable top with removable pads and is tied at the neck. The matching bottoms have ties at the back.


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