Tanga Bikini

The Tanga Bikini Bottom

Tanga bikini bottoms are all about compromise. Living somewhere between a Brazilian and a thong cut, tanga bikini bottoms offer the perfect amount of coverage for the girl who hates coverage. Tangas are tailor-made for the girl who believes that less is indeed more. Tanga bikini bottoms can help you maximize that tan able tush, while at the same time providing fun and cheeky lines and accentuating your lovely curves. Most tanga style bottoms come with an obvious mid seam, drawing the eye and securing their shape. Tanga bikini bottoms may have only recently taken a foothold in fashion, but they are definitely here
to stay.

Who Should Wear a Tanga Bikini Bottom

Tanga bikini bottoms are only for the brave. While they offer similar coverage to that of a Brazilian bikini bottom, tangas have a unique cheeky cut that shows a bit more cheek, without being quite as revealing as a thong. Tangas are great for girls that might be lacking in the booty department as they graciously frame the curves of your body. While tanga bikini bottoms have minimal seat coverage, front styles remain solid. Meaning that even the most bootylicious babes can pull off a tanga with taste. If you’re still a bit shy, but want a tanga bikini bottom for soaking up the rays, snag a cute skirt or sarong to give you the coverage you want when you need it most.

Tanga Bikini Bottom Styles

Tanga bikini bottoms have pretty struck style guidelines. Cheeky cuts and alluring midline seams are a must with the tanga bikini bottom style, but these features can easily integrate with a number of different types of side details and waistband thicknesses. Tanga bikini bottoms can even be used with high leg and high waist bottoms, giving anyone your wake a fun and fanciful surprise. All while helping to shape and sculpt the perfect silhouette. Tanga bikini bottoms can show everybody what you’re made of and help empower you to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in.

Where to Wear Your Tanga Bikini Bottom

Tanga bikini bottoms are definitely made for the sidelines. While they are durable enough to handle a friendly game of beach football, tanga bikini bottoms function best as the loungewear of your dreams. Perfect for poolside poise or shaking your moneymaker on a cruise. Tie a tanga with a string bikini bottom side and scrunch bottom to elevate all three styles to the greatest height. While comfortable enough to wear under any sunny cover-up, you’ll feel so stunning in your new tanga bikini bottom, that you won’t want to wear them with anything at all.

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